Board Organizations


In 2010, two women were motivated by the lack of representation of women on corporate boards and the fact that the numbers were not increasing. They created a nonprofit organization that would concentrate on mobilizing stakeholders, from the consumer to the boardroom, to get involved and raise these numbers. 2020 Women on Boards focuses on educating all people of the importance of this issue.


BoardProspects is the world’s largest boardroom community. Board members, aspiring board members and corporations (publicly-traded, private and not-for-profit) join BoardProspects to find the latest in corporate governance news, education, best practices and board recruitment solutions.


BoardSource has long recognized the critical role that boards play in overseeing their organizations’ mission, finance, and strategic direction. With more than 25 years of hands-on experience working with nonprofit boards, BoardSource has become the go-to resource for funders, partners, and nonprofit leaders who want to magnify their impact within their community through exceptional governance practices. BoardSource supports a community of more than 100,000 individuals with customized diagnostics, live and virtual trainings, membership programs, and a comprehensive library of governance resources and publications that include original content. BoardSource is a 501(c)(3) organization.


Diversity in Boardrooms is a board diversity consulting firm that assists corporate boards in recruiting and referring diverse directors to add value and to ensure better representation of American strengths. In addition, the firm creates strategic and inclusive advisory boards that can accelerate business growth, increase company profitability, and enhance social responsibility and recognition.


The Forum for Corporate Directors addresses current business topics through relevant programs, interaction with recognized experts, and thought leadership offering practical insights.  We enhance board room effectiveness by creating a forum for collaboration among directors, executives, and advisors to the board.


The National Association of Corporate Directors is focused on advancing board leadership and establishing leading boardroom practices. NACD delivers insights and resources to make sound strategic decisions and confidently confront complex business challenges. NACD provides education programs, national peer exchange forums, and proprietary research to promote director professionalism.