Houston Founders

The Houston Chapter Founders include business leaders, board members and professionals all interested in creating an organization that is focused on the advancement and development of Private Company Boards of Directors and Advisors. Below is a list of the Members who Founded the Houston Chapter.


Name Company Name
Alan Aldworth EA Renfroe
Alex Lara Lara International
Bill Weathersby  
Bily Atkinson Chairman Texas Public Finance Authority
Cary Grossman Shoreline Capital Advisors
Christopher Gallagher Multi Phase Consulting
Cynthia Nesser  
Dennis Petito  
Don Turkleson  
Erich Stolz 1 CFO Center
Herbert Kalman  
Jack Chang DGP Capital 
James Clement III King Ranch
James Kerkvliet  
John Cooper  
John Tikkanen  
Kenneth Wells Alken Health Resources
Larry Wyche  
Michelle Dueitt  
Rafael Araujo Mayer Borwn LLP
Charles Andrews Friends of Chuck
Sharada Manne  
Sujatha Kumar Ayatis
Timothy Caver 1963
Verna Lynch Linchpin Business Advisors LLC
Wayne Shurts  
Zameer Upadhya  
Lawrence Dean Metrostudy
Marianne Gooch DynaComm, LLC
William Green Impact Economics Partnership
Janeen Judah Aethon Energy
Brad Kirchhofer Bridgeton Partners
Nazeeh Melhem Zane Tech
Sepand Moshiri Ramsey Financial Group

Thomas Mullinnix

Re-Vision Management Consulting, LLC

Richard Oliver

Aplethora Vectors

Sincia Yuebo Shi

 SYB Solutions LLC

Wes Spears The Weston Group
Felipe Suarez B2BCFO