Corporate Membership is for boards of directors and boards of advisors and is designed to enhance private company value through high-functioning boards. 

The close to 3,000 members of PDA support our mission of advocating for and teaching board formation and governance, enhancing private company value through high-performing boards, supporting the value of diverse and inclusive boards, and creating a national alliance of directors, executives, and private company owners interested in board service to learn, network, and identify and attract exceptional board members.

Complimentary Board Member Posting Service enabling your organization to announce and find qualified PDA member board candidates.

For private companies seeking to elect or identify new board members, PDA offers a free posting service so that corporate boards may nominate highly qualified directors from more than 3,000+ PDA members. The PDA Board Director Opportunities Committee then serves as a conduit between the corporate member company and PDA member candidates. 

Fee-Based Board-Level Recruitment Searches performed by Nurole, a global board-level hiring platform. 

Nurole - A global platform enabling organizations to evaluate, find and hire board-level members. 

Bolster - A platform designed to provide leadership and board opportunities at high-growth companies looking for on-demand executive and board talent. 

Strides - A platform designed to provide access to a diverse senior executive network comprised of women, people of color, LGBTQ+, and other underrepresented voices into leadership roles.

Him for Her - A social impact venture aimed at accelerating diversity on corporate boards by engaging business luminaries to connect the world's most talented "Hers" to board service.  

Certificate in Private Company Governance courseThis virtual and self-paced course provides a baseline education coupled with a mentor program where participants are paired with experienced private company directors.

ESOP Governance Essentials course: This rigorous course is designed to present a realistic look at the responsibilities of serving on an ESOP board.

Private Equity Portfolio Company Governance course: This primer is designed for private equity (PE) partners and managers, portfolio company executives, and independent directors who work together in boardrooms. 

Ransomware Preparedness and Response Session (a $10,000 value) to PDA corporate qualified members. The program, hosted by Apollo Information Systems Corp., includes three key elements including expert consultation, access to state-of-the-art technology, and essential security awareness education.

An alternative 90-minute Cyber Review Program is also available for boards with an existing ransomware program in place.

Dedicated “CISO on Call” - Provides advice on any security situation across any business vertical including incident response for regulatory issues, organized crime, and ransomware.  

A national network of peers engaged in over 100 events annually, focused entirely on private company issues, both locally through our 20-Chapter System, as well as nationally via in-person and online resources. 

Complimentary subscriptions to Directors & Boards and Private Company Director magazines.


Corporate Membership Investment: $3,150 

Represents a roster of up to ten members. Additional members are $300 per person. Senior executives are welcome to join under the company membership.


To Join PDA as a Corporate Member please call 847-986-9350, or send an email inquiry to the Private Directors Association.