Chicago | Private Equity Company Board Strategies for Managing Across Business Cycles

Wednesday, June 19, 2019
05:00 PM - 07:30 PM CST
University Club of Chicago
76 E Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60603


We’ve had record investment by Private Equity firms during the good economy, each with an investment thesis to seize growth opportunities in their chosen sectors.  Meanwhile, many others (the pessimists) have predicted recession for some time.

Whether we are entering a down cycle or M&A will remain strong is still uncertain.  Some PE Firms, capitalizing on a strong economy, have chosen to exit investments.  But others seemingly remain optimistic, raising new funds, and see now as still a great time to deploy capital, buy and execute on growth plans.  Regardless of which side you believe, all agree that businesses that fail to strategically consider economic cycles in their planning and execution will come to regret the consequences. 

Hear from our panel of thought leaders, experienced principles and executives first-hand the insights and strategies they have on this timely topic of Private Equity Company Board Strategies for Managing Across Business Cycles​.

We will start with an overview of where the PE M&A acquisition and exit marketplace stands now, and where it is headed.

Then hear from our panel including C-level talent of investor-backed companies and Private Equity principals who will discuss:

  • Role of the board in seizing opportunities during a strong business cycle
  • How the board addresses talk of a downturn
  • How does the board factor in economic indicators to make tough decisions for the longer term
  • What stage in the business cycle is best to take on a PE Partner
  • What does a PE investor expect from its board in preparing for a weaker economy
  • How will a downturn affect “add-on/tuck-in” acquisitions
  • How private directors can best position themselves for board seats on companies most affected by business cycles


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