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San Francisco Virtual Event | AI in the Boardroom
Thursday, October 21, 2021, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM PDT
Category: San Francisco

05:00 PM - 06:30 PM (Pacific)
06:00 AM - 07:30 PM (Mountain)
07:00 PM - 08:30 PM (Central)
08:00 PM - 09:30 PM (Eastern)

Zoom invitation will be shared the day before the event.


AI is becoming increasingly accessible and AI is making headlines — whether in self-driving cars or engagement amplification of misinformation. As AI touches every part of our lives, what opportunities does it create and what risks should Board members be aware of? How can your organization take advantage of AI to create better products and services and how should Board members stay informed about checks and balances to how it is used? What compliance issues are on the horizon? Learn more about AI from this expert panel….


  • What is AI? What is it good for?
  • How is AI being used?
  • What should my organization be taking advantage of AI?
  • What risks does AI create? 
  • What regulatory issues does this raise?
  • What questions should we be asking the executive team?

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  Julie Basu, PhD
Founder, CEO and Head of R&D 

Julie Basu, PhD, is the founder, CEO and Head of R&D at smartQED (, a Silicon Valley startup on collaborative and AI-assisted problem solving.  Julie holds graduate degrees in Computer Science from Stanford University.  Her master’s specialization was on AI and her PhD thesis was on performance optimization of distributed databases.  Her current work focuses on accelerating resolution times for business / technical problems through visual cause maps, with integrated machine learning to analyze solved problems and provide solution recommendations.  This patent-pending technology has applications in different domains including complex business workflows, IT operations / devops, customer support, systems maintenance, and root cause analysis.   Previously, Julie worked at Oracle Corporation in Redwood Shores, leading the design and development of enterprise software products.  She is a co-inventor of 5 patents awarded by the USPTO and an author / co-author of several technical publications including journal papers, conference presentations, and books.  Her hobbies include poetry and music.

  Michael Giske
Interim/Fractional CTO/CIO

Mr. Giske has more than 25 years of experience in developing innovative technology solutions for the health and life sciences industry among other verticals. He has held leadership positions at the CIO and CTO level at leading life science and technology companies in San Diego, including BRISC, Cypher Genomics, Epic Sciences, Human Longevity, Westpak and Welfie. Mr. Giske also served as Director of Strategy & Enterprise Architecture at Oracle. He taught at Oracle University and has given Oracle Partner Enablement seminars on various topics related to Enterprise Architecture and Governance. He served as CEO and Chief Architect for Business Services and Technology Solutions at KPMGS, a company providing product engineering and global technology initiatives, including research, corporate and clinical solutions to large Life Science organizations such as Genentech and AstraZeneca. Mr. Giske also has developed or led a number of firsts in various industries, including the first energy trading system and internet-based meter and customer control system for Sempra Energy, the first online software ordering system for Apple Inc., and the first global large-scale call center and knowledge system for Disney Interactive. Mr. Giske earned his bachelor's degree in computer science from San Diego State University.

  Glenn Gow
Board Member & CEO Coach

Glenn Gow is “the AI guy”. He is a former CEO and has been a board member of four companies. He is currently a board member and CEO coach. His specialty is working as a board member to help guide companies through technology disruptions, especially AI. He has advised numerous leading tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and many more, on strategy. He recently served as a coach to CEOs at Clear Ventures – a VC firm whose partners have produced 34 exits yielding $52 billion from 8 IPOs and 24 acquisitions. In this role he worked on strategic issues for Clear’s portfolio companies and was responsible for helping CEOs accelerate growth. Glenn brings extensive technology domain expertise at the board level, helping companies take advantage of the digital transformations happening in their industries, with a special focus on AI. Glenn holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BSBA in Quantitative Management from the University of Florida. Glenn advises Stanford Engineering and Computer Science students on digital transformation and business.

  Monica Pal
Co-Founder & CEO
Monarch Mavens

Serial entrepreneur and thought leader Monica Pal is co-founder and CEO of Monarch Mavens, a startup consulting company based in Silicon Valley. She has been co-founder, CEO, and CMO at Enterprise B2B startups in cyber security, cyber fraud, big data & analytics and enterprise messaging, operating with a global footprint. Monica started her career as a MacOS developer at Apple, and then went on to reposition and scale companies like 4iQ, Aerospike, Alienvault (acquired by AT&T), enCommerce (acquired by Entrust) and Revelock (acquired by feedzai). Monica chaired the Advisory Board of Revelock, is on the Executive Board of How Women Lead, the Board of, and the Advisory Board of She is also fund advisor to How Women Invest, a game-changing venture fund for women founders and funders.


  Yogita Parulekar
Founder & CEO
Invi Grid Inc.

Yogita Parulekar is the Founder & CEO of Invi Grid Inc. a cloud security company. She has more than two decades of experience in technology risk, audit, corporate governance, security, and privacy. She has been a leader of cybersecurity at an AI, a digital health, an identity fraud risk technology startup, as well as a leader and advisor to large multinational companies including Oracle and EY’s clients. She is a recognized thought leader of security and privacy-by-design principles that ensure products are built in a way that win the trust and confidence of their potential customers. She has been recognized as a Security Veteran by SC Magazine and honored for her contributions to ISACA Silicon Valley as its President. She is an eminent speaker at various professional forums. She is also an investor and a mentor to other founders. Yogita’s LinkedIn profile