Private Board Support

The Private Directors Association® (PDA) is committed to advancing private company governance through resources, education, and networking. We assist private boards in the improvement of their governance and fiduciary oversight while creating boards or as they transition to the use of independent board members.  

Learn more about the PDA Value Proposition for private boards and owners here.

PDA's complimentary, non-exclusive posting service for fiduciary and advisory board director roles is a valuable resource for private companies, their boards, and the organizations that serve them. The PDA posting service amenity offers both named and blinded postings for companies and service firms. PDA’s dedicated team works with organizations to refine postings to attract those members most qualified to serve. Examples of recent postings can be found here.

If you’d like to speak with one of our team members about a possible posting, please contact the administrator. We look forward to helping you.

Logo for Lake Point Assisted Living

"I was initially struggling to find experienced executives to join the board of Lake Point Healthcare – until I found PDA. After posting my board positions I was inundated with applications of exceptionally high quality executives from all over the USA. PDA exceeded my expectation in every way possible. With their assistance I was able to assemble an elite level group of directors to take my company to the next level and beyond." 

- Dan Blackburn, Owner, Lake Point Assisted Living, Frisco, TX

"We posted two advisory board positions with the PDA in early November. In less than 3 weeks we’ve gotten submissions from almost 50 highly qualified candidates.  The caliber of all of the candidates is very good and many are extraordinarily well qualified for these positions that have very specific requirements. This is a first advisory board for a relatively young company so I wasn’t sure of how much interest there would be. I’m frankly more than pleasantly surprised. I’d say blown away is more accurate. The hardest part of this process will be how to narrow this amazing group to a reasonable number to interview."

- Lead Director, Real Estate Development Company