Director Development & Referral

One of the Private Directors Association® MEMBER BENEFITS is the Director Development & Referral program with one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and education as it relates to Board roles and responsibilities, as well as résumé and interview preparation.

As a Member you have access to individuals who are currently serving on Private Company Boards of Directors and are knowledgeable on how to prepare for and function on these types of Boards.  These individuals volunteer their time to work with Members individually and in groups on a variety of topics.

As a participant in the Director Training course you will have access to an in-depth training manual titled, ”Board Director Training and Preparation”. This document, prepared by the Midwest Family Business Advisors, covers a wide range of topics. 

If you are a member and would like to arrange for training and access to these files, please contact the Administrator at If you are not yet a member and wish to apply for Membership, CLICK HERE.

Title Section
Letter from the Chairman 1
Resume Dennis Smith 2
Tommy Page Bio 3
Board Member Selection Process 4
Board Skills Matrix 5
Board Candidate Phone | Initial Interview 6
Experience Detail | Tell a Story 7
Criteria for Director Selection 8
Director Qualification Standards & Selection 9
Board of Directors Governance Guidelines 10
Board Evaluation Guidelines 11
Fiduciary and Advisory Board 12
Evolving Your Family Business Board 13
Board Search Firms Private Company Orientation 14
Resource Library 15
Sample Agenda 16
Five Questions Companies Should Ask 17
Five Questions to Ask When Being Interviewed 18


Members Trained for Board Service

Month Year Name Coach
April 2015 Bill McNitt Dennis Kessler
June 2015 Joanne Bernstein Dennis Kessler
July 2015 Laura Michaud Dennis Kessler
October 2015 Vinny Caraballo Dennis Kessler
October 2015 David Smith Dennis Kessler
October 2015 Joe Wemhoff Dennis Kessler
November 2015 Armand Christopher Dennis Kessler
November 2015 Barry Cain Dennis Kessler
November 2015 Zoe Quan Dennis Kessler
December 2015 Venita Fields Dennis Kessler
January 2016 Bruce Werner Dennis Kessler
January 2016 Jay Heilbrunn Dennis Kessler
January  2016 Mark Kilgore Dennis Kessler
January  2016 David Kirshenbaum Dennis Kessler
January 2016 Charlie Leichtweis Dennis Kessler
January 2016 David Spitulnik Dennis Kessler
February 2016 Terri Friel Barry Cain
February 2016 Paul Rigby Barry Cain
February 2016 John Bintz Barry Cain
March 2016 Adam Boris Barry Cain
March 2016 Don Hempson Dennis Kessler
March 2016 Reid Miles Dennis Kessler
April 2016 Greg Rocque    Barry Cain
April 2016 Paula Noble Barry Cain 
April 2016 Daniel Kaye Dennis Kessler
April 2016 Jim Reiman Dennis Kessler
April 2016 Bryan Schwartz Dennis Kessler
May 2016 Craig Jimenez Dennis Kessler
May 2016 Loraine Herr Cathy Carroll
May 2016 Diane Meister Cathy Carroll
May 2016 Liz Levy-Navarro Cathy Carroll
May 2016 Jim Rudnicki Cathy Carroll
June 2016 Pat McNally Cathy Carroll
June 2016 Bruce Stevens Cathy Carroll
July 2016 Dave Watkins Cathy Carroll
August 2016 Bob Lindeman Cathy Carroll
September 2016 Judy Foley Cathy Carroll
October 2016 Ron Repking Cathy Carroll
October 2016 Steven Wollack Barry Cain
October 2016 Jay Taylor Dennis Kessler
November 2016 Javier Alarcon Cathy Carroll
November 2016 Angela Floessel Cathy Carroll
November 2016 Paul Bryant Barry Cain
November 2016 Rick Landuyt Barry Cain
November 2016 Dean Weinberg Dennis Kessler
December 2016 Mark Sefcik Dennis Kessler
January 2017 Harry Novak Barry Cain
January 2017 Tom Sampson Barry Cain
January 2017 Alice Peterson Dennis Kessler
January 2017 Jim Piper Dennis Kessler
February 2017 Jose-Luis Bretones  Barry Cain
March 2017 Matt Weissert Cathy Carroll
March 2017 Barbara Ford Cathy Carroll
March 2017 Greg Hayward Cathy Carroll
March 2017 David Taber Cathy Carroll
March 2017 Sandra Wilson Cathy Carroll
March 2017 Mark Little Cathy Carroll
March 2017 Pilippe Lavie Barry Cain
March 2017 10. Javier Alarcon Barry Cain
March 2017 Tomas Page Barry Cain
April 2017 David Taber Cathy Carroll
April 2017 Milt Pinsky Cathy Carroll
April 2017 Claudia Johnson Dennis Kessler
April 2017 Mona Pearl Dennis Kessler
May 2017 Van Grinsven Dennis Kessler
June 2017 Linda Petchenik Barry Cain
June 2017 Claudia Johnson Barry Cain
August 2017 Tim Volk Barry Cain
August 2017 Leah Bailey Dennis Kessler
August 2017 David Budnick Bruce Werner
August 2017 Mark Trembacki Dennis Kessler
September 2017 Benji Wolken Dennis Kessler
October 2017 Chester Singletary Dennis Kessler
October 2017 Matt Hartzman Barry Cain
October 2017  Lynn Walsh Bruce Werner
November 2017 Karen Kane Barry Cain
December 2017 Noel Elfant Barry Cain
January 2018 Martin Mindling Dennis Kessler
January 2018 Cate Brady Cindy Burrell
January 2018 Paul Watford Dennis Kessler
January 2018 Gabriela Rodil Dennis Kessler
January 2018 Holly Nelson Dennis Kessler
January 2018 Tom Sampson Barry Cain
February 2018 Julia Bristow Briggs  Claudia Johnson
April 2018 Doug DuMars Bruce Werner
April 2018 Joan Rockey    Cate Brady
April 2018 Ralph Beck Dennis Kessler
April 2018 Steve Knoop Barry Cain
May 2018 Robert Miller Meredith Wailes
May 2018 Steve Healy Dennis Kessler
May 2018 Beth Brooks Cate Brady
May 2018 Sue Tyler Meredith Wailes
May 2018 Dana Cooper-Hayes Barry Cain
May 2018 Jon Paul Dennis Kessler
May 2018 Howard Kaplan Dennis Kessler
May 2018 Anna Nichols Dennis Kessler
May 2018 Jay Brodsky Bruce Werner
May 2018 Tony Natale Dennis Kessler
June 2018 William Johnson Dennis Kessler
June 2018 Hal Lewis Dennis Kessler