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Family Owned Business: Challenges, Opportunities and How Can a Board Contribute?

Family owned businesses face several unique challenges and opportunities.  Having a board that includes independent advisors in addition to the family representation can help with a variety of cross-industry experiences and insights to cultivate a vision for success. Value Private Companies Receive from Their Boards For More Information

The Private Directors Association is a resource for Family Businesses and Family Business Centers. 

We are a resource for board members. At the end of 2018, we had nearly 600 board ready members

We have been a resource for the Loyola Family business center in Chicago and are in the process of extending that reach to other centers throughout the United States.

The Private Directors Association® understands that there are many unique elements to Family Businesses. 

The Private Directors Association® includes many members who have counseled and coached families through the issues that take place outside the walls of the company, but are amplified by bringing home to work.

The focus of PDA is on the Board. Our goal is to work with Family Business Centers to provide a resource for the board related pieces of working with family related issues.

The Private Directors Association is a resource for helping build company value by assisting in the formation and strengthening of effective boards.

The Private Directors Association® currently has many consultants who have worked specifically on Board governance issues. Please contact us for more information. 

The Private Directors Association® works with companies to help them build and strengthen the appropriate type of board, whether fiduciary or advisory, and helps them to understand the differences between these two as well For More Information.

The Private Directors Association® understands that there are many issues that are unique to family company boards and has resources to work with Centers to help them address these issues.

For more information on how PDA can work with your Family Business Center, please contact one of the Co-Chairs of The Private Directors Association® Family Business Center Committee:

David Spitulnik