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The Private Directors Association provides a national network where executives and professionals interested in board service can find and meet with those interested in securing exceptional board members.


JoAnn Lilek
Experienced Corporate Board Director &
Chief Financial Office

In June 2019, I joined the Advisory Board of Milton’s Distributing and Gordon Logistics, jointly managed family business entities. Milton's Distributing is a multi-state importer and alcoholic beverage wholesaler providing transportation, warehousing, clearing, and distribution to multi-state retailers. Gordon Logistics is a 3PL serving all markets east of the Mississippi. I learned of the opportunity through Board Prospects which I was familiar with because of my involvement with PDA! Also, I was elected as an Independent Trustee and Audit Committee Chair of the Datum One Series Trust, a trademark of Northern Trust in March 2020. This opportunity came about due to a connection from when I Chaired the Lou Holland Trust mutual fund over 10 years ago! Back in 2004 before there ever was PDA, a Founding Member of PDA had introduced me to Lou Holland! The networking that organizations such as PDA provides is a great path to board seats for qualified candidates. 

Board Successes

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As the Private Directors Association evolves, Chapters are being formed in cities around the United States. Each new Chapter will recognize Corporate Board Directors and individuals providing services to Boards of Directors and Advisors who sign up at the formation of the Chapter as Founders.

Founding Memberships are now being offered in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York, Greater Philadelphia, San Francisco and Tampa Bay.

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