The Private Directors Association® is a National Association that supports local Chapters across the country. Chapters are formed when a group of qualified individuals form a leadership team focused on growing membership involvement in their area specifically through programming and sponsorship opportunities. If you see that there is not a Chapter in your area and you are interested in being a part of the formation process, please reach out to the CEO, Budd Berro, for more information. 

Alabama Bryan Stewart
Atlanta, GA Collin Chung & Patricia J. Royak
Charlotte, NC Mike Airheart
Chicago, IL Daniela O'Leary-Gill
Cleveland, OH Scott Roulston & Mark Fischer
Colorado Cody Teets
Dallas, TX Kathryn Loo
DC Metro Guillermo Christensen & William Carter
Detroit | Windsor | Toledo Kimberly Rodriguez
Greater Philadelphia Lawrence Dillon
Houston, TX Denis Potapov
Minnesota Libby Utter
Nashville, TN Becky Sharpe
New England Richard Tibbetts
New York Metro Scott Steer & Alyssa Gelbard
San Francisco, CA Tamara Gracon
South Florida Rod Hackman & Cordearo Dadson
Southern California Jeffrey Munson
Tampa Bay, FL Jeff Sauntry
Wisconsin Joe Fazio